Please migrate the content from this page (in the existing Big C Society website) to this page, or one like it, in an aesthetically pleasing manner.   As you'll see, the existing page includes photographs, links and copywriting that memorializes Big C members in the news, along with a collection of poignant athletic moments.

-The format of the existing conditon is a chronological bulletin board.  

-This legacy content embedded in this feature seems pretty valuable to the older members of the group, and to Mr. Lufkin's point, once we shut off the old site, it could be lost forever.

-Will you please chat with your team about how to render a page on our new website that captures entries for "Big C Society" in the news, and generate some solution ideas for me?  

-As I'm thinking about this, the content for this page could originate from at least three sources:


(1) Legacy content migrated from old site

(2) User-generated content from active members (this has been a feature request

(3) Future syndication of news feeds from large producers of original content, including but not limited to: Cal Athletics, the California Alumni Association (CAA) or the University of California at Berkeley.